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Look Young and Healthy with Age Defying Diet

Do you find it difficult to lose weight as you get older? Are you still using the same diet plans you did in your 20’s? What happens when your “to-go” diet plan seems to stop working?

When you reach late 30, 40, and 50 years old, your body experience hormone changes and may experience weight gain.

Age Defying Diet was developed by Dr. Caroline M. Apovian, an international weight loss expert. The plan aims at outsmarting metabolism to lose up to 20 pounds within 21 days. Following this diet is like “rebooting,” “revitalizing,” and “recharging” to regain control over your body. It’s all about changing both your diet and exercise regime in line with the changes your body is experiencing. Dr. Apovian explains that by adapting some changes on how you eat and the way you exercise, you can “trick” your body into losing weight and turning back the clock. 

Six Easy Steps to Improve Metabolism

Constantly feeling forgetful, weak, too emotional, and easily distracted are signs that your metabolism is also aging. Menopausal condition ageing, and hormonal changes can result to complete metabolic collapse.

Dr. Apovian suggests the following steps to boost your metabolism, rejuvenate your body and brain and start losing some weight:

Eat more protein, vegetables and fruits.

Most of weight loss diets involve removing carbs or certain types of food can be detrimental to your metabolism. The thing is if you are not getting enough carbs like fruits and vegetables with some amount of whole grains, you can be exposed to risks of inflammation and insulin resistance and slow down metabolism leading to weight gain.

Eat amino acids.

Get sufficient amount of fish, meat, eggs, and other foods that are rich in protein because these are great sources of amino acids. Amino acids helps regenerate and repair cells and tissues in the body, brain, and muscles.

Eat to keep hormonal balance.

While some food can help keep off age-related symptoms and changes, but other foods can make things worse. Women are encouraged to include poultry, fatty fish, soya protein, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cabbage), B vitamins (from whole grains and lean beef) in their diet. 

Women should also avoid sugar, caffeinated beverages, and high fat foods (bacon, spicy foods, alcohol, chips).

Eat the right food to fill you up.

You cannot consume the same amount of food when you were 20 years old if you are more than 40 years old. There is a natural decline in your muscle mass, hormone levels, and the slowing metabolism means that you will need fewer calories as you age, especially if you are not doing much exercises. The age defying diet aims at consuming foods that will keep you satisfied and prevent your food cravings.

Exercise properly to lose weight.

The diet suggests some easy activities like cycling, swimming, walking, and basketball. Certain types of cardio activities may be good but one should be careful about overdoing it since during aerobic exercise muscle, proteins are broken down for energy. And too much cardio activity can slow down metabolism.

Get more quality sleep.

Leading a hectic and stressful life can result to stress hormones like cortisol preventing you from getting enough quality sleep at night. That changing hormone levels can have an impact on your sleeping patterns.

If you do not or cannot get enough sleep, it interrupts the process of repairing and regenerating the muscles of your body. This will result to losing muscles and gain more fats. A restless night can increase hunger hormones resulting to eating more.

Eat and drink your way to a better sleep by including protein, amino-rich foods such as red meat, fish, eggs, and low- or nonfat cottage cheese and yogurt, magnesium-rich food (artichokes, brown rice), whole grains, and herbal teas (chamomile, passionflower tea).

To know more about the age defying diet, you may get the book authored by Dr. Apovian.

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