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How To Make Your Kitchen Organized and Healthy

Having concerns about toxins and unhealthy stuff in your food? Protect you and your family with some easy steps.

As the season changes, so does our home needs some changes and cleaning. In the kitchen, it is good to wipe down the cabinets and arrange stuff in the drawers. And even better if we take an honest re-evaluation of the foods  that we have and remove anything that is not giving our body the wholesome nutrients that we need.

Well, it is also difficult to throw away food because it feels wasteful. But getting rid of food with plenty of sugar and other processed ingredients is needed if we want us to be healthy. There are some ways of getting rid of food and foodstuff without throwing them away as waste. Some organizations accept food as donations. Let us get started cleaning our cabinets and fridge to create a new, healthy lifestyle for everybody.

Sweep the cupboards.


Many of the unhealthy foods at home are hiding behind the closed doors of the kitchen cabinets. And so, let’s get  trash bag and open our cabinets and let’s get started.

  • Let’s check the snacks. Get rid of any clear offenders such as cookies, sugary granola bars, and candies. Better get a slice of fresh fruit or a handful of nuts when we want snacks-on-the-go.
  • Track down any hidden sugars. Do this by checking on the food nutrition labels. Most of the common cabinet foods (crackers, bread, pasta sauce with so much sugar in them). You should know basic rules that can help you decide which food should stay and should have to go. If you are a beginner, remove anything that has sugar listed as one of the first three ingredients (look for other names of sugar such as corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin). Then, remove foods with more sugar than fiber per serving.
  • Store on healthy non-perishables. So what should be left in the cabinet when we’re done re-evaluating and eliminating? Canned beans and fish, nuts, and dried nuts can be kept for a longer period. Whole grains and legumes (quinoa, lentils) are healthy options.

Reassessing our Fridge.

image: Wide Open Eats

Now that the kitchen cabinets are cleared, let’s turn to the fridge. There may be some healthy foods in there already (some produce, plain yogurt, eggs) but there may still be a lot of food with added sugar.

  • Cleaning the door. There may still be some offending food items in the fridge, particularly in the door. Check on the salad dressings, condiments, and sauces with sugar. Read ingredients and give away some foods.
  • Check the beverages. What are the beverages stock in the fridge? Again, anything with added sugar (juice, creamer, soda) has to go. The best beverage that can be found in the fridge is water. But if must have cream or milk in your coffee, choose those that are unsweetened versions to lower your daily intake of sugar. Opt for whole milk over skim because the fat will keep you full longer.
  • Re-evaluate the “healthy foods” in the fridge. Yogurt may seem to be a healthy stuff, but flavored ones can contain a lot of added sugar. Bottled smoothies may have fruit juice but they always included plenty of sugar in it. This means, check yogurt, applesauce, and other stuff to ensure that there is just little or no-added sugar in them.


We have cleared out and cleaned our cabinets. It is about time to stock them with wholesome, healthy foods and stuff. Get fresh produce and whole, natural foods. 

And there’s a lot more to do to become healthy. Read the next article.

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