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How Do We Keep in Shape During Summer and Beat Weight Gain

Knowing what makes us gain weight during summer can help us stay in shape and healthy.

Most often, we often blame holidays for rich comfort foods that they offer and make us gain weight. Summer refreshing beverages and cold salads usually contain high amounts of calories and fats, if we are not extra cautious.

We should always remember that there is always healthy options for the foods that we want. It is not only what we choose to eat but how we prepare meals that makes a big difference.

Summers can be difficult in many ways. But it can also be a good time for people who want to lose weight, or those who want to stay fit and healthy. This maybe because people tend to sweat naturally due to the heat. Another reason is that one does not feel hungry during the summer days. We tend to avoid oily and greasy foods because our body craves cold beverages and foods during these sunny days. We drink more water during the day, which fills us up avoiding frequent feelings of hunger.

We have come up with some easy ways to help you lose unwanted weight and  attain your dream body shape during sunny days.

Keep hydrated.

Water is the best drink to hydrate your body.

Drink cool water as it quickly absorbed by the body rather than warm or very cold drinks. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or NIOSH suggests drinking water of between 50 and 59 degrees. You can try electrolyte beverages to help prevent cramps that can happen from several hours after working.

Drinking fluids at regular intervals for the entire day will prevent dehydration. Always begin exercising well-hydrated and to do this, drink at least 14 to 22 fl. Oz of fluids about 2-4 hours before strenuous workouts.

How much is enough for drinking fluids differ depending on weight, age, and activity level. But typically the formula is 8 glasses of 8-oz of water every day. You may divide your weight in pounds by 2 and drink fluids that number in ounces. Like, if you are a 130-pound woman, you will need 65 ounces (135 divided by 2) of water each day.

Working is a great way to lose weight, whether it is winter or summer season. Our useful tip: keep hydrated and water is the best drink to hydrate yourself. It has no added sugars or preservatives. It does not provide you with an energy crash which is found in many caffeinated energy beverages.

But most experts suggest drinking to thirst, which means if you are thirsty, just drink!

Choose your carbohydrates wisely.

Healthy carbs can provide you with energy that lasts longer.

Highly-refined carbs which are the processed white  carbs will just increase blood sugar levels and boost the pancreas to produce insulin. Another thing is that not all carbohydrates are made equal – in any form. Unprocessed carbs create gradual rise in the insulin level, providing you with little but long lasting supply of energy that muscles can use for many hours. We recommend the following sources of carbs:

  • Fruits – strawberries, bananas, watermelon, and papaya. Blend them together with some healthy leafy greens in a smoothie. Keep tracking with your weight loss goals as you stick to regulated portion sizes. Always remember to do everything in moderation!
  • Quinoa – Quinoa is categorically is a seed, not a grain. It is a good source of fiber, protein, iron, and with complete amino acid profile. Quinoa will keep you full and satisfied. Take it sweet, hot or cold, or savory, it a great ingredient for your summer salad!
  • Oats – Real, rolled oats are packed with fiber and helps you boost of long lasting energy.You can soak them overnight with yogurt, water, or milk and add your favorite fruits in the morning.

Watch portions in check

“Eat less to lose weight.”

A rule in weight loss plan: eat less and you will lose weight. Restaurants offer huge portions and we are used to eat bigger servings that may harmful to our health. To fight this habit of eating in bigger portions, use a smaller plate. Less space on the plate will automatically control the portion. And when eating out, choose the smallest size of any high calorie foods.

Filling your plate with summer vegetables.

Choose local produce.

Summer vegetables are known to have low in calories and adding them more in your meals every day will help you lose weight quickly. These veggies include cucumber, eggplant, bitter gourd are healthy and help you lose weight. We recommend grilling your veggies instead of cooking them with oil or deep fried.

Spice up your summer!

Hot peppers and spicy foods contain capcaicin that is linked to weight loss.

Hot peppers can increase your metabolism. Also, it has been found out that spicy food slows your eating. Most of the North Americans eat too fast and by the time the body signals that it is full, you have already overeaten food. Eating slowly is a good weight loss trick and eating spicy food is a good way to do it.

Also, spicy peppers and red chili flakes have capsaicin that are associated with weight loss. We recommend grilling up whole peppers, spice up with salsa, or throw chili flakes into a marinade for meat.

Avoid skipping your breakfast.

Make a smoothie for breakfast with ingredients rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fat.

Experts say that one way to overindulge later in the day is to skip breakfast. And will not help you lose weight quickly. Late night munchers are usually those who skip breakfast. Fill up yourself with breakfast by starting your day with the right morning food. You can blend together a one-third cup of whole grain oats, a tablespoon of nut butter, and a fresh fruit. Or, you can make a morning smoothie with ingredients rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fat.

Fill up on soups.

Healthy soups promote goodness, health, and weight loss.

Going to a restaurant with an empty stomach with bread is one great way to overeating.

When hunger hits, try choosing hot foods and beverages like soups. We recommend keeping a variety of lower salt broth-based soups on hand and add summer veggies for more filling goodness and health.

A research that was conducted by Penn State University claimed that soup is a good appetite suppressant because it involves hunger-busting blend of solids and liquids. We recommend eating soup before a meal and you can lower your calorie intake by about 20% compared to a meal with no soup.

Eat your meals at home often.

The family that eats healthy meals together, stays healthy for life!

One way to save money and weight, begin monitoring how often you eat and how much you spend on meals every month, and then cut back slowly. Melodie Yong, a dietitian from St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, claims that people who eat out a lot tend to eat less healthy foods and to be heavier. It was also found out that the decline of spending some time cooking at home is associated with the increasing number of obesity cases over the past 30 years.

Skip watching summer TV.

walking is an easy way of losing weight.

Skip that habit and go outside instead. Go biking with friends or take your dog for a walk in the park.

Vary your daily routine.

Try at least one thing different every day.

Regardless of the fitness plan that you choose, sticking with the exact same routine each day can be hard, monotonous and discouraging. Try different workouts every day, each focusing on different body parts. You can swap from cardio workouts to resistance training. Avoid getting bored with your daily exercises. Try at least one thing different everyday.

Join an outdoor yoga class.

Yoga can help you achieve healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.

You can easily find in the parks, parking areas, and more. All yogi levels are good and you will love with this new method. Yoga can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Declutter your kitchen.

Declutter and organize your kitchen to help you lose weight.

Check your fridge and what do you have in it? A couple of jars of mayonnaise, leftover cheddar cheeses, and plenty of sugary condiments. Check also your cupboards. Do you see some cookies and crackers? Make an honest evaluation of what you want to store to achieve your weight loss goals. And then throw out anything that can challenge your weight loss goals. Give away the unopened food items and cans to your local food banks.

Final Notes,

It’s summer and it’s time to relax and just be happy. We admit that everybody has stress but chronic stress can tend to make you gain more weight. Do the things that can make you happy, like conversing with a friend or watching the sunset. These activities can make you stay calm and relax.

Summer is short, enjoy it to the fullest!

Also try to enjoy the summer beauty. Remember that health and weight loss are a journey that can be challenging. It is all about finding the balance that is right for you. We are not asking you to be perfect. Just do what you can and be happy doing it. If at times, you feel overwhelmed, shift your mindset. There are times when we see eating healthy meals as a task… a chore, and this mindset can be detrimental to your mental health. Enjoy healthy habits instead of looking at them as an obligation. Take one day at a time.

Remember, summer is short, as well as life. Spice it up!

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