difference between men and women's weight loss goals
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Difference Between Men and Women’s Weight Goals

Do men and women see and experience weight loss differently? Why do men lose pounds quickly compared to women? And it is most common that couples find themselves seeing differently in handling weight loss.

There is a recent survey of 1000 adult men and women to see their reasons for wanting to lose their unwanted pounds. Results show a clear proof of gender gap of how they see weight loss. It is all about appearance for women where 40% of the participants claimed that they “don’t like the way I look.” While for men, it’s “not feeling healthy” that motivates them to take action to lose weight.

It appears that women get dissatisfied with their weight earlier than men do. About 18% of the women in the survey said that it took a gain of only 5 pounds (or even less) to move them to lose weight. While 20% of men said that they feel the need to gain at least 20 pounds before taking action. Men, after all, preferred big, broad football players as their role models while women want to look like those slim, thin models and actresses.

Where men take a more simple, direct, and goal-oriented way to lose weight than women. Men are likely to focus on one aspect only. The survey also shows that men used harder workouts as their main weight loss method, while women use a more prolonged method that consists of diet and exercise. Men are more direct in their dietary ways, like “Just tell what to eat, and I’ll do it,” is what you will generally hear from them. Women tend to bargain like, “Can I get a small bit of chocolate each day?”

It is not a good idea for couples to make their weight loss efforts into a battle or a contest since their field is rarely at the same level. Like most men need more calories than women and so men are likely to lose more easily compared to women. Generally, men can slash a few calories from their typical diet and yet having a reasonable amount of food to eat and they will still lose a pound. And this can be very frustrating for women because no matter how she eats too much less, she still losing more slowly.

So it is best when couples support one another in each other’s weight loss goals and try to think more like the other. Men should not let weight get too much before it gets uncontrollable before deciding that it’s time to take action about it. Remember that even small quantity of excess weight may mean higher health risks. Of course, harder workouts can help lose some weight, but the multi-faceted diet and exercise method by women tend to lead to a long lasting weight management.

While women should also take some tips from men by focusing more on your goals to avoid frustration when results do not come as fast as you would like and expect. Also, women should shift on how much better you feel about a better dietary options and increased exercises. Go for focusing on feeling stronger and healthier.


The way to permanent weight management is a personal journey each one has to take. This means that individualized plans, customized for either gender are important. 

But while we are unique, special, and different, we are also social beings. We need others for support and to support others as well in one another’s goals in life. In this case, whether one is a man or a woman, we have the same goal: a successful weight management. Whether we believe that “men come from Mars and women from Venus, we can always learn from each other and enjoy along the way.

Also at the end of the day, shedding pounds is really a difficult task for both men and women. In losing weight, we all have committed to doing it and have fun doing it.

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