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    Can You Lose Weight By Clean Eating?

    clean eating for weight loss

    Clean eating is best described as avoiding all processed, artificial foods from your daily diet and go for healthy, whole, and unprocessed foods.  Followers of clean eating believe that since the body comes from nature, then, bring it back to nature and enjoy the benefits of eating clean: living longer,  healthier life,  glowing skin and hair,  Effective, fast weight loss Healthy weight maintenance Basically, losing weight begins in the kitchen. A good parameter for losing weight is 70% of what you eat, 30% of physical activity. However, you can exercise everyday but fail to lose some pounds because of the…

  • high-protein foods for weight loss
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    12 Easy High-Protein Recipes

    Protein rich foods combined with other healthy foods for weight loss will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Let us count the ways protein helps your body. Protein builds healthy cells and repair those that are damaged, helps shape up…

  • 10 easy vegetarian recipes for weight loss
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    10 Easy Vegetarian Meal Recipes

    Does a vegetarian dish always have to contain complicated ingredients and preparation? Here are some easy vegetarian dish recipes which are completely veggie-friendly, delicious and easy to prepare and cook. Who follows a vegetarian diet? Individuals who follow a vegetarian…

  • how to lose belly fat
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    How To Lose Belly Fat

    Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress are some causes why people gain belly fat. But how can people help lose their belly fat? Belly fat is found around the abdomen. There are two kinds of belly fat: visceral (fat…